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Doctor of Medicine - MD (1968), Professor (1971), Member of Shevchenko Scientific Society (1992), Winner of the All-Ukrainian Ohiyenko Prize (2004), honorary member of the Ukrainian medical society in Lviv (2005).

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Directions of researches: history of medicine in Ukraine, cholelithiasis, biological surface-active substances.
In questions of scientific contacts, cooperation, literature exchange, presentation of materials, it is possible to address: Ukraine, 790015, Lviv, Boberskyi street, 19 / 48.
Phone: +380 32 226-30-33,
Е-mail: hanitkevych@yahoo.com


Biographic data:

Yaroslav Hanitkevych was born on July 9, 1929 in Radehiv, Lviv region. He graduated from Lviv medical institute (1951), was a post-graduate student and assistant of the department of general physiology (1951 - 1956). Hanitkevych was an assistant and associate professor of the department of general physiology at Ivano-Frankivsk medical institute (1956-1970); professor, head of the department of general physiology at Chernivtsy state university (1970-1981), leading scientific employee, chief of academic biotechnological laboratory, chief of the laboratory of cholelithiasis of the Lviv medical university (1989-1999). The most important directions of researches are: bile and biles acids in pathology and physiology of organism, cholelithiasis, mineralogical and crystallografic mechanisms of gallstone formation as biominerals, physiological role of surface - active substances, history and revival of the Ukrainian medicine.

Yaroslav Hanitkevych was a member of the Scientific Council for membranology at the USSR Academy of Sciences; member of the Scientific Council for physiology at the UkrSSR Ministry of Higher Education: member of the USSR National committee on surface-active substances: member of many editorial boards, participant of dozens of congresses, symposiums on the problems of hepatology, gastroenterology, physiological action of surface-active substances, biotechnology, history of medicine.
Has investigated methods of early diagnostics of cholelithiasis, offered two inventions. At the invitation of foreign scientists and foundations Hanitkevych presented research materials on the problems of hepatology at the international forums in Berlin (1994), Syktyvkar (Russia, 1996), Freiburg (1997), Lake-Taho (USA, 1997), Basel (1999), Cluzh (Romania, 2000).
Hanitkevych was the founder (1989) and the first chairman of the Medical comittee of the renewed Shevchenko Scientific Society; initiator and editor of the "Medical collection"; participant of the All-Ukrainian and international conferences and congresses on the problems of the history and development of the Ukrainian medicine. He has published more than
200 articles on the problems of the history and revival of the Ukrainian medicine, about forbidden and repressed Ukrainian medical scientists, about resumption of university autonomy in Ukraine.
Yaroslav Hanitkevych is one of the founders and a presidium member of the all-Ukrainian association of medical historians, author of articles in the Encyclopaedia of Modern Ukraine. He is the winner of the all-Ukrainian Ohiyenko Prize (for the works on development and revival of the Ukrainian medicine, 2004), honorary member of the Ukrainian medical society in Lviv (2005)
, Grant Holder of President of Ukraine.

He as the first speaker from Ukraine presented on the international congress ISHM in Italy materials about the underground Ukrainian red cross in the period of Second world war. Published materials first from Ukraine from history of Ukrainian medicine in magazine Vesalius (2005, 2009).

In 2009 Shevchenko Scientific society and the Ukrainian Medical Association in Lviv published a book «Yaroslav Hanitkevych. Chosen labours. To the 80-th birthday», which contains also bibliography of Ya. Hanitkevych, in which 414 labours of scientist and 262 references and reviews on his labour, articles about him.

In the internet we find near thousand references on his publication.

A cycle of labours Ya.Hanitkevych from history of medicine is pulled out on gaining of the State bonus of Ukraine (2009).

Ya. Hanitkevych is the author of almost 400 scientific works, author and editor of 17 books. Some books of Ya.Hanitkevych are in the National Library of Medicine (U.S.A.,Bethesda), in the Wellcome Library (London).


The most important works:

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Dr. Eugen Ozarkevych - one of the founders Contemporary Ukrainian medicine (To 150 anniversary of birth)








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